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Sustainable Machines


Great machines don’t simply appear out of nowhere. They’re the result of innovative ideas, hard work, dedicated craftsmanship and the right tools. Everyone at Jansen makes a contribution. Every situation is different, but we broadly go through the following steps:

1. Inventory/advice: from problem to solution

We start by making an inventory of the situation. What is the problem, what is the cause, and what is the desired outcome? Generally speaking, we look at the process and product on location to get a good idea of the situation. Back at the factory, we think up a solution and consult with our engineers to arrive at a proposal.

2. Design: from idea to 3D

Once the customer has agreed to our proposal, it’s time for the engineers to shine. They convert the idea into a 3D model. This model acts as the basis for the working drawings that will soon enter the workshop and also give the customer a good idea of how their systems will look. Our engineers work with Solidworks and HiCad software packages.

3. Construction: from model to reality

Once everyone is happy with the 3D design, the construction drawings are submitted to the workshop. Here, our mechanics turn the lines and shapes into a shiny stainless steel construction. The design is turned, milled, set, drilled, welded and mounted, made of sturdy food-grade materials to create robust, hygienic machines.

4. Operation: from standstill to motion

Our electricians haven’t simply been resting all this time. They consider how all components will communicate with one another to reach the desired result. Once the construction is ready, they install the operation components and the machine really comes to life.

5. Installation: from Putten to the customer

Depending on what has been agreed, customers can collect the machine, or we ensure that it is installed, tested and delivered to the customer.

That’s how we do it!