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Intelligent electrostatic discharging system
Electrostatic discharging bars
For ionising ranges up to 1.500 mm
Neutralizes electrostatic charges in
Plastic, packaging, paper, textile and non-woven materials
AUTODC® technology up to 100 Hz
Senses the polarity of the charge and automatically corrects the pulse/pause.


IONstream FUSION is a high performance AUTODC® static neutralising system. It incorporates the latest technological developments and is micro-controller operated with local embedded intelligence. Electrode contamination and emitter pin status, as well as neutralising efficiency, are continuously monitored and visualized. Each neutralising bar is accessible via a GateWay or a master touch-screen PC. Parameters can easily be read and controlled by process engineers. The specially developed AUTODC® technology senses the polarity of the charge on the target substrates surface and automatically corrects the pulse/pause relationship towards the dominant polarity surface charge in order to achieve maximum neutralising effect. All electronic components and high voltage parts are encapsulated inside the bar profile. iONstream FUSION is available in two versions,  a +/-6 kV standard application version and a +/-12 kV long range application version. If connected to a network, up to 127 neutralising bars can be monitored and controlled via a single Master or be connected via our Gate-Way to the customers interface.

Technology static neutralising system

By applying alternate positive and negative high voltage current to the emitter pins, ions of both polarities are generated. iONstream FUSION`s special AUTODC® technology generates substantially more ions due to its perfect control of the pulse/pause relationship and therefore provides a much more homogenous electrostatic field when compared to any other conventional PULSEDC method neutralising systems. The highly efficient pin shape and its sharpness is maintained during the full life time of the neutralizing bar. Our revolutionary design of the static neutralizing bar is constructed with a special glass fibre re-enforced extrusion incorporating non-metallic shields which work in harmony with the electrostatic field of the emitter pins. The result of this revolutionary technology and intelligence is an effective neutralising range of up to 1.500mm in certain applications. The expert DOE software, in combination with its real time micro-controller functionality, allows easy integration into today’s industrial fieldbus as well as Ethernet networks.

Main Applications

Plastic, Packaging, Printing, Paper & Cardboard, Converting, Medical & Pharmaceutical, Food, Textile, tissue and non-woven.

iONstream FUSION System advantages


  • AUTODC Technology up to 100 Hz
  • TRUEDC® Sensor Technology
  • Superb discharging efficiency, no zero volt passes, no residual charge zebra
  • All electronic components are integrated into neutralising bar profile
  • CAN bus driven TQM static sensor to control, detect and protocol residual Charge24V DC supply, all electronic components integrated in neutralising bar profile
  • Micro-controller operated; Contamination and emitter pin status detection
  • Superb discharging efficiency for ionising ranges up to 1500 mm
  • Network compatible, internal CAN open bus to communicate with touch panel or "Anybus" Gate-Way


  • 100% process control with log book of system parameters
  • TQM Sensor option to detect and protocol residual charge


  • Shock proof according EN 60335
  • ATEX II 2G IIB T6 and II 2D IIIB T85 ËšC
  • Number of certification PTB 16 ATEX 5007 X


  • Ozone generation < 0.1 ppm
  • Lowest energy consumption in its class

Hildebrand iONstream is an intelligent electrostatic discharging system for many materials such as plastic, packaging, paper, textile and non-woven materials. The IONstream static neutralizing bars provide superb discharging efficiency for ionising ranges up to 1.500 mm. As a representative of Hildebrand in the Netherlands, we also supply a range of surface cleaning systems for the removal of dust in any material.

End-of-Line inspection for the food industry

Jansen Control Systems supplies and maintains a range of end-of-line inspection systems. We supply our own checkweighers, FORTRESS metal detectors, SPARC X-ray systems, SOLLAU magnetic separators and HILDEBRAND electrostatic dischariging and surface cleaning systems. Guarantee the quality of your product with one of our end-of-line systems. We’d be happy to help.