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Magnetic Separator for Stainless Steel

Separates the smallest non-magnetic particles
Exceptionally strong magnetic cylinder
Conveyor belt construction
For weak magnetic particles
Including stainless steel
Automatic cleaning
Of conveyor belt


The SOLLAU MV-R stainless steel separator is an exceptionally strong, compact and modularly constructed separator consisting of two rollers and a conveyor belt.

Industrial use and processing disrupts the ‘non-magnetic crystalline structure’ of stainless steel, so that it becomes weakly magnetic and can therefore only be absorbed by an extremely strong magnetic field! The highly inductive magnetic cylinder of the Sollau MV-R is designed for the separation of these very weakly magnetic stainless steel particles.

Multiple applications MV-R

Other than to the high efficiency of the magnetic separation, there are a number of other advantages to this high-quality separator: Low energy consumption, low operating costs, a wide range of applications (including food processing), high durability and modularity (The separator can easily be integrated into existing processing lines or equipped with additional accessories such as a vibrating feeder).

Thanks to the high quality of construction materials used for the production of the magnetic roll (a combination of extra strong NdFeB magnets with special steel washers) and the thin but very strong conveyor belt, this high-quality separator can achieve a magnetic induction of up to 21,000 Gauss on the surface of the role. This is a value that has so far only been achieved by electromagnetic separators.


The SOLLAU MV-R magnetic separator for stainless steel is a high gradient and  very effective separator and is used for cleaning and recycling e-waste, bottom ash of the incinerator, heavy shredder fractions and is generally used for metal recycling.

As a representative of SOLLAU in the Netherlands, we supply many other types of magnetic separators in addition to the MV-R magnetic separator.

End-of-Line inspection for the food industry

Jansen Control Systems supplies and maintains a range of end-of-line inspection systems. We supply our own checkweighers, FORTRESS metal detectors, SPARC X-ray systems and SOLLAU magnetic separators. Guarantee the quality of your product with one of our inspection systems. We’d be happy to help.