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Marelec Portio 1F

Portioning on the cutting edge
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Smart portioning
With pre-installed programs
Ideal for small products
Such as fish and chicken fillets
Extra quick slicing
Up to 17.5 cuts per second


The MARELEC PORTIO 1F is an intelligent portioning machine designed for portioning fresh products. The 1F is suited to small products such as fish and chicken fillet.

Portioning method

The desired weight and shape of the final product is selected in a program in advance, after which the MARELEC portioning machine creates a three-dimensional laser scan of every product to determine the volume. The computer uses these values as a basis for calculating the best cutting interval.

The portioning machine then very rapidly and very precisely cuts the product into the desired portions. Different types of fixation systems and knives can be applied depending on the product, and in the event of changing product properties, an additional checkweigher can optimise the precision.

Portioning machine maintenance

The portioning machine can be fully opened and if desired, the conveyor belts can be removed for separate cleaning. Easily obtainable components have been selected to ensure easy maintenance. This ensures low maintenance costs. In addition, all motors and encoders are located outside the wet zone, ensuring a longer service life.


Product dimensions 700 x 240 x 120 mm
Belt width 254 mm
Belt speed Adjustable to 0.45 m/s
Cutting speed Up to 17 cuts/s
Construction Stainless steel AISI 304 and FDA plastics
Belt type Modular
Keyboard IP67 with integrated electronics
Indicator MARELEC Z2 with UTP TCP/IP connection
Software MARELEC P1 standard optimisation software
Power 3 x 380 V + N + GND / 50-60 Hz / 5 kW
Compressed air 6 bar
Cleaning Hygienic construction/CIP integrated
Connections Direct internet connection for remote service


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The MARELEC PORTIO is an ultra-fast intelligent portioning machine designed for cutting fresh products such as fish and chicken fillets. As the agent of MARELEC FOOD TECHNOLOGIES in the Netherlands, we supply and maintain a range of weighing, sorting and portioning systems from this Belgian manufacturer active in over 30 countries.

Mechanical engineering in the food industry

Jansen Techniek specialises in custom mechanical engineering for the food industry. We’re always on the move, and develop solutions aimed at optimising the production processes for our customers every day. Alongside MARELEC machines, we supply other systems including conveyor belts, box tippers, flow weighers and stackers.

Almost every system we construct is unique. Tailored entirely to your situation.