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Sustainable Machines

Intray tray denesters

The best possible solution for denesting trays
Fast and smooth operation
Available in a range of designs
INTRAY Smart Tool
Interchangeable for a range of tray types
Modular construction
And compact design


The tray denesters from the Danish INTRAY are the best possible solution for denesting trays. INTRAY tray denesters are compact, modular and work smoothly at high-speed.

Intray Smart Tool

The heart of all INTRAY tray denesters is the INTRAY Smart Tool. This patented component singulates the trays on the stack and places them onto the conveyor belt. Each Smart Tool is custom-made for a specific tray size.

The Smart Tool weighs just 12kg and is interchangeable. You can prepare the tray denester for another tray size in under a minute. As an end user, it is also possible to order spare parts for the Smart Tool, meaning the unit can be converted for a different tray size. 

Various Denesters

INTRAY tray denesters are servo powered and can be programmed with the integrated control unit. The denesters are available in a range of different designs. Download the brochure or feel free to get in touch with us for more information.

Interested? We would like to advise you!

Jansen Techniek supplies INTRAY denesters for denesting trays. INTRAY tray denesters use the patented INTRAY Smart Tool. 

Mechanical engineering in the food industry

Jansen Techniek specialises in custom mechanical engineering for the food industry. We’re always on the move, and develop solutions aimed at optimising the production processes for our customers every day. In addition to INTRAY tray denesters, we supply many other systems including conveyor belts, portioning machines, grading lines, descalers and flat fish gutting machines.

Almost every system we construct is unique. Tailored entirely to your situation.