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Sustainable Machines

JT crate stackers

For stacking various types of crates
Stacking and destacking
Of a variety of crate types
For a range of dimensions
Suitable for foods
Made from Food Guide materials


For the stacking and destacking of a variety of different crate sizes we have developed the JT mulicrate stacker. The JT multicrate stacker can be supplied with a buffer conveyor. 

The multicrate stacker is constructed using stainless steel and other food grade materials and can be cleaned under high pressure.


Belt type Modular acetal
Construction Stainless steel 304 / plastic (FDA)
Stacking speed Dependent on product
Protection IP67
Power 230 V

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Jansen Techniek supplies crate stackers for stacking and/or unstacking crates, scales, boxes and other packaging.

Mechanical engineering in the food industry

Jansen Techniek specialises in custom mechanical engineering for the food industry. We’re always on the move, and develop solutions aimed at optimising the production processes for our customers every day. In addition to crate stackers, we supply many other systems including conveyor belts, portioning machines, grading lines, descalers and flat fish gutting machines.

Almost every system we construct is unique. Tailored entirely to your situation.