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Marelec M3 Compact Grader

Weighing and grading small, vulnerable products
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Ideal for small and vulnerable products
Such as fish fillet, poultry and meat
Gentle grading, no damage
The product slides from the belt
2 to 8 grading stations
Compact machine takes up little room


The Marelec M3 compact grading system is the ideal solution for weighing and grading small, vulnerable products such as fish fillet, poultry and meat. A gentle grading system in which the product slides from the belt ensures that the products are not damaged. Despite the compact format, the M3 provides the best performance and does not compromise on classic grading systems.

Custom compact grading system

The MARELEC M3 sets new standards for grading systems thanks to the various grading and outfeed possibilities:

  • Available with 2 to 8 stations in the configuration you prefer (e.g. 3 outfeeds to the left and 3 outfeeds to the right, or 8 outfeeds one after the next on the left-hand side).
  • Grading by weight and/or number
  • Option to sort into batches

In addition to these options, the M3 compact grading system can be operated using Marelec PM-Z2 production management software and can be connected to a Marelec label printer.

Jansen and Marelec

Jansen Techniek supplies, installs and maintains MARELEC compact grading systems in the Netherlands. We can integrate the grading system into your current production line, but also offer it as part of an overall solution.


Max. product size 450 x 250 mm (alternative up to 600 x 450mm)
No. programs 100
Number of grading stations 2 - 8
Measuring range 0 - 1.5 kg (alternatively: to 5 kg)
Standard deviation 0-500g = 1.5g / 500-1500g = 3g
Max. speed 120 units/minute
Protection category IP69 (measuring cell lP68)
Grading Grading according to size and number (optionally by weight)
Construction Stainless steel 304 (thickness 3 mm), H-design, plastic (FDA)
Conveyor belt Polyethylene grid
Keyboard selection lP67 stainless steel with integrated electronics
Indicator MARELEC Z2 with UTP/IP connection / stainless steel IP67 with integrated electronics
Power Single-phase 230VAC / 50Hz / 800W
Air supply 200Nl / min / 6bar
Software Intelligent Batching Software MARELEC G1


Interested? We would like to advise you!

The Marelec M3 compact grading system is the ideal solution for weighing and grading small, vulnerable products. It offers speed and precision in a compact format. As the agent of Marelec Food Technologies in the Netherlands, we supply and maintain both the M3 Grader as well as other weighing, grading and portioning systems from this Belgian manufacturer active in over 30 countries.

Mechanical engineering in the food industry

Jansen Techniek specialises in custom mechanical engineering for the food industry. We’re always on the move, and develop solutions aimed at optimising the production processes for our customers every day. Alongside Marelec machines, we supply other systems including conveyor belts, box tippers, flow weighers and stackers.

Almost every system we construct is unique. Tailored entirely to your situation.