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Sustainable Machines

RAPTOR Label inspection system

For monitoring product labels
Reliable label inspection
Prevent problems caused by missing data
Smart software
For recognising incorrect labels
Disposal of rejected products
And collection in a reject bin


The SPARC RAPTOR label inspection system is designed to prevent problems related to missing data on product labels.

The SPARC RAPTOR label system inspects each label (top and bottom) for the presence of a correct product description, date code, lot numbers, allergen ID codes and barcode and ejects products with missing data into a designated collection bin.

If connected to the optional SparcControl® database, the system will receive the required product key and variable data and be set automatically. There is no operator or machine adjustment needed when changing the product.

Important Features Label inspection system

  • Various high resolution cameras
  • Barcodes are scanned and compared to the expected result using software.
  • Servo driven, no compressed air required
  • Ejection system with collection bin
  • Built to the highest demands within the food industry
  • Conveyor belts can easily be removed without tools
  • Robust construction and hygienic finish
  • Easy to clean and inspect
  • Locked protective cover over the belt

De SPARC RAPTOR label inspectie systeem is ontworpen voor het herkennen en controleren van product labels. Producten zonder label of met onvolledige labels worden gedetecteerd en uitgeworpen in een daarvoor bestemde opvangbak. Als vertegenwoordiger van SPARC SYSTEMS leveren wij diverse andere soorten X-ray systemen.

End-of-Line Inspectie voor de Voedingsmiddelenindustrie

Jansen Control Systems levert en onderhoudt diverse end-of-line inspectie systemen. Wij leveren o.a. onze eigen checkwegers, FORTRESS metaaldetectoren, SPARC X-ray systemen en SOLLAU magneetscheiders. Waarborg de kwaliteit van uw product met één van onze inspectie systemen. Wij adviseren u graag.